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Christmas shopping trip to London




On the 26th of November 2015 vzw Restart Ferries Oostende will organise an amazing Christmas shoppingtrip to London. We hope to make the one of the crossings onboard Calais Seaways, formerly known as Ostend Line's Prins Filip.
Unfortunately it is no longer possible to sail to England via Ostend. Instead, we will go to Calais, by coach, where we will catch the ferry to Dover. 


  • € 45,00

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price has been set at €€45
For that price you get :
  • Bus  transport Oostende - Calais - London - Calais - Oostende
  • Boat Calais - Dover (We do all we can to sail with the former prins Filip).
  • The cancellation insurance.
On arrival we organise an activity for the non-shoppers. Most probably a guided tour on foot and by bus.
A yet to determine gadget to be recognisable as participants in the action trip.
Programme Keerdekiwere trip to London
(Timetable is only an indication !!!)
We will disclose the definite timetable well before November the 26th.
Assemble from 06:15 on the Tettebrug (De Smet De Naeyerbrug), assigning bus numbers
  • There will be one registration stand per bus (folding tables).
  • At those tables you get a boarding card for your bus upon showing your identity card.
  • The boarding card only determines what bus you will be placed on, not the seat.
  • If you wish to sit together with someone on the bus you have to get your boarding card at the same registration stand.
06:15 – 6:45 Dividing the people over the different buses., Group photo, press moment ...
07:00 Departure buses
08:15 Arrival Calais
09:20 Boat to Dover
CROSSING Calais - ­ Dover
Change to English time, turn clock back 1 hour
09:50 Arrival Dover
12:00 Arrival London
Nearly 7 hours spare time in London
Shopping, visiting museums, enjoying yourselves 
18u45 Departure of all buses to Dover (sharp)
21:00 Arrival Dover
22:00 Boa to Duinkerke
CROSSING Dover­ - Duinkerke
We turn our clock forward one hour (Belgian time)
01:00 Arrival Calais
02:00 Arrival Oostende
Guided tours
We are preparing a guided tour with local guides for the non-shoppers.
To vzw-Restart habit we shall make this event something unique again.

Included in the price are:
  • Return bus ticket  from Oostende to London
  • The ferry crossing
  • A cancellation insurance to cancel your trip incase of illness
  • A button which makes us recognisable as a group.
Food and drink are NOT included.
You can eat on board the ferry and on location
If you wish, you can bring a packed lunch ...
We do all we can so we can sail with the Calais Seaways, our former Prins Filip.
Of course we cannot predict any sudden changes in the DFDS-Seaways schedule.
Also technical problems with the ship could disrupt this planning.
Inshort: It is definitely our intention to sail on the ex-Prins Filip, though we cannot guarantee this 100%. 



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